Braised American Buffalo

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Recently the buffalo has become nearly extinct, but has since come back to be quite populous. In earlier times it was regarded as a somewhat plentiful source for food and clothing for tribes that lived near the animals, or for those that traded with those tribes – such as the Taos Pueblo and Shoshone. There were also large gatherings around the Southwest United States to exchange and deal in buffalo. With these factors in mind, the buffalo was chosen as the main ingredient in this braised meat stew, using a combination of the food styles of the Taos Pueblo and Shoshone.

Buffalo is a lean meat, and has a good amount of nutrition; however, alternate meat may also be used. Other ingredients include chiles, tomatoes, and carrots with the option to include or substitute for another root vegetable. Overall the whole of the ingredients are based on modern availability and cooking methods with a focus on creating a dish reminiscent of something that may have existed among the aforementioned American Indian groups. An exact replica of a dish that existed during that time period is not the purpose of the recipe, though – as with other recipes in the Divina’s cookbook, the purpose is to point readers to the early culture of that food and people.

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