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Recipes @ LMC presents a wide variety of historical recipes from different cookbooks as part of a semester-long study of American cuisine from early Native American recipes to dishes common before and during the United States’ Civil War.

The Authors

This site is an ongoing effort by Georgia Tech undergraduate students in LMC 3508: Food & Eating in Early America to host information and recipes from various cookbooks & sources that heavily influenced the development of American cuisine prior to 1865. Students created the site in Fall 2014, and their Fall 2015 counterparts expanded the site with another 11 recipe offerings from four “new” cookbooks.

The Fall 2015 section was divided into nine groups of three to four students. Each group member had different responsibilities pertaining to the site improvements:

  • Content Coordinators documented the recipe process via photos and/or videos subsequently uploaded to the website.
  • Researchers/Writers delved into the history behind their groups’ recipes and cookbooks They collaborated with Content Coordinators to annotate the recipes and adapted their findings for this site.
  • Developers updated recipe & cookbook content and improved the site’s appearance.
  • Project Managers oversaw the modifications and documented the development process.

We received additional technical assistance from Steve Hodges, of IAC IT.

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